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Final weeks of Rehearsal

‘u’ is going into it’s final weeks of rehearsal at the Zeebelt theater in The Hague.

Many battles have been fought and there are still many to fight!

Multi-talented composer Eef van Breen and the amazing Erik Kouwenhoven complete the team in this final push.

We are looking forward to the premiere!


DavwI’ mIv or character masks reconstructed by Piia Maria and Kees de Haan

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Official position Qo’noS

After receiving a few questions concerning the whereabouts of the home planet we thought it would be good to answer them.

The position of Qo’noS was identified by Andre Bormanis in collaboration with Mikael Okuda.

Andre Bormanis wrote several episodes of the Voyager and Enterprise series, as well as acting as science/technical advisor on the “Next Generation” films. He’s the author of the book Star Trek: Science Logs.

Michael Okuda worked for Star Trek as a graphic designer, scenic artist, and technical consultant. He’s the author of Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual.

Based on the available knowledge we have they deduced that Qo’noS is an M-class planet  orbiting the star Arcturus aka Alpha Bootis.

This is a giant orange K2 star 36 light years away.

For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcturus

We want to thank Andre and Mike for their invaluable contribution to our project!

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Presenting ‘u’ at FedCon 2010

We had the privilege to present the project ‘u’ to the press at FedCon 2010.
Here is the result of our efforts and a general impression of the event.

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Official invitation sent to Qo’nos

We have taken the plunge!

With the start of the last leg of the project ‘u’ we thought it was time to contact our most important potential audience members: the Klingons on Qo’noS.

The first ever radio message was sent to Qo’noS on Sunday the 18th of April! Translated and voiced by non other than Marc Okrand the message invites the Klingons of the Home world to attend the special premiere of the opera on our special location in Kijkduin.

This task was left in the very capable hands of the communication experts at Pool Worldwide.In the following video you will witness the result of their campaign; a message to Qo’noS.

The message was sent with the  CAMRAS telescope at Dwingeloo in the Netherlands. We want to thank the whole CAMRAS team for their work and highly recomend you have a look on their website.

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