• We are work on a US tour of ‘u’ in the summer of 2015!

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Watch the full version of ‘u’ the Opera or documentary the QiH Act online now!!!

Thanks to the folks at distrify.com you can now watch an HD version of ‘u’ the Opera or the documentary film the QiH Act online now!

Just click on ‘Rent Movie’ in the video window above and you will be presented with all the options. You can also watch the 2 minute trailer or share the video with your friends. As a bonus you get a 10% cut of all sales that occur when you post the video on your website or blog! Payment is via PayPal or credit card and access is instant.

You can rent the documentary ‘the QiH Act’ for $6.99
The 60 minute video of a unique performance of ‘u’ the Opera is $9.99
We are also offering a special deal for both films in one package for $14.99

Hope you enjoy the films and of course to see you at one of our shows soon.