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Marc Okrand guest of honor at ‘u’ premiere

We are very happy to welcome the worlds foremost Klingon language expert Marc Okrand as our guest of honor!

Marc will attend the premiere of the piece on the 10th of September.

We hope he likes what he hears…

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One Comment

  1. hjongste
    Posted September 10, 2010 at 5:37 am | Permalink

    Last night I attended the first public performance of ” U ” . I must say, I was entertained, moved, inspired and impressed by the Opera. I applaud the whole team’s creativity and enthusiasm for this project. As an earthling I cannot really comment on a Klingon Opera as I have no reference to base my comments on. However, as you requested feedback to the KTRE here are some of my comments (from the viewpoint of an eartling of course).

    I thought the music was great! Just like on earth, clearly supporting the story. I was not able to study the instruments in great detail, but the musicians did an outstanding job of playing these unfamiliar instruments. The musicians were engaged with the whole story and they put a lot of passion in the music.

    I was impressed with the actors who played their roles with great intensity. How difficult it must be to act in a language that is clearly not your first language. Still they brought the story in a convincing manner as if they were from Kronos themselves.

    The scenery and the props were brilliant. They were part of the story (I liked the way they were moved about from one act to the other). Lighting was superb and added to the whole atmosfere.

    Regrettably it will take some 36 years for the inhabitants of Kronos to learn about this Opera. Luckily there were a few Klingons in the quadrant to attend the Opera and maybe they know a way of sending a message faster back home than us.

    One final comment and maybe as a suggestion. We all joined in with Kahless in the death scream, also because we were prompted by the screams of the rest of the ensemble. However the audience failed to join in with the death scream of Lukara, probably because none of the other actors joined. Maybe the audience can be guided better to join in.

    Lots of success with the other performances with ” U “.