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Epic performance of ‘u’ at Qetlop

Last weekend we had the honor of performing ‘u’ at the annual gathering of the Khemorex Klinzhai fleet in Farnsberg Germany. This was the first time the opera was performed in front of an almost exclusively Klingon audience.

We battled rain and mud to set up the stage on a spectacular outdoor location at the top of the Farnsberg. The effort was more than worth it as this was by far the most epic perfromance of ‘u’ to date. Our friends of Khemorex Klinzhai seem to think so too. Read some of their reactions below.

To top everything off they decided to make the whole cast and crew of ‘u’ honor members of the fleet! We are greatly honored by this noble gesture and will will try to live up to it in the future.

We want to thank all the members of Khemorex Klinzhai from the bottom of our tiq for this profound experience and hope to seem them again soon!


Some reactions from members of the fleet:

‘It was a true honour to see ‘u’ in Farnsberg! I never have seen anything like it before! This was truly inspired by the fire of the klingon heart! majQa’! Qapla!’

qoraS aka Lothar Irrgang

‘Ein Buchstabe genügt: ‘u’u'u’u'u’u'u’u'u’u'u’u'u’u’

jotmoS  Kobol puqloD  & Vantania

‘Die Frage von Floris, ob das Erlebte nun klingonisch genug sei, ist für die Anwesenden unverständlich- es ist bei weitem das klingonischste Erlebnis, welches in den Jahren des Khemorex Klinzhai gegeben hat.’

Tobi B.

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