• The Final (!!!) Performance of ‘u’ the opera will be:

    22nd February 2013, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin
    Get tickets online here or by calling +49 - (0)30 – 39 78 7175
    Stay posted for more dates » agenda

Get your tickets now for the final performance of ‘u’!!

It is official; this is your last chance to see ‘u’ the opera in full battle mode!
It will be one epic final battle at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin on the 22nd of February!

So don’t hesitate and book your tickets now!!!
Either online here or by calling +49 – (0)30 – 39 78 7175
For more information see the website of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Hope to see you in Berlin!

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Final Performance of ‘u’ Announced.

After many great performances and a great run we have decided that the time has come to hold our last performance of ‘u’. For all those who have witnessed ‘u’, both Klingons and Terrans, we wish to thank you for joining us in our adventure. It has been great to do battle with you!

However we aren’t going out in a whimper.

‘u’ is to play at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin on the 22nd February 2013 for one night only!

This will be your final chance to see ‘u’ with its original cast in a fantastic venue!
Join us one more time in epic battle!

Stay posted for more info on pre-sales of tickets and the venue.

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Interview on SF-Fantasy.de

Our friend Volker Tanger did a great interview with ‘u’ creator Floris Schönfeld on his radio channel SF-Fantasy.de
Check it out here

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Klingon invasion of Rijeka a success

We did glorious battle the wonderful town of Rijeka, Croatia this weekend as part of the Peek&Poke festival.
Here are some video moments of the performance and reactions:
\'u\' on MojaRijeka TV

Are here is our own Taru Huotari giving us an insight into what it is like to play Kahless:
Taru on MojaRijeka TV

Many thanks to the whole ‘u’ crew, the people at peek&poke and all the people of Rijeka for a great experience.

Stay tuned for the next battle coming to a town near you!

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Zeebelt show sold out!

The up coming show on the 17th at the Zeebelt in The Hague sold out two days ago!
Thanks everyone for coming by to experience the glorious battle that is ‘u’ in its original home setting.

For all those of you who still want to see the show we now have the option of watching a full video of a special performance of ‘u’. This is the first time a full version of the opera is available online along side the documentary The QiH Act.

Just click on the >>Video link and you will be directed to the video page.

Also keep an eye on our >>agenda page, we are planning more shows in Europe and North America this year.

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Klingonska invazija na Rijeku!!!

‘Klingon Invasion in Rijeka!!!’ says the Croatian blog Teatar

Thats right ‘u’ will be performed in Rijeka, Croatia on the 25th of February for the peek&poke festival at HKD Sušak, Strossmayerova 1.

Launch time 20:00. Ticket price is 142.00 kunas.

Online booking starts at on the 5th of February via info@peekpoke.hr, and tickets can be purchased in the museum PEEK & POKE, the travel agency My Travel and Dallas MusicShop in Rijeka, Zagreb and Ljubljana.

More info (in Croatian) http://www.peekpoke.hr/novosti/u/

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New performance dates announced for ‘u’ in Holland and Croatia

In February next year ‘u’ will be playing at the Zeebelt Theater in Den Haag on the 17th and in Rijeka, Croatia on the 25th.

Stay posted for more info on both!

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Screenings of ‘The QiH Act’ this month.

The documentary ‘The QiH Act’ will be screening at two different venues this month.

On Friday November the 18th it will screen in a special anniversary program complied by the wonderful Erik Kouwenhoven at the Veem Theater in Amsterdam. The film will screen together with the theater piece ‘Everything Must Go’ by Kristin Fredricksson. The program runs from 20:00 till 00:00.

For tickets and info go to:


The other screening will be at the Kassler DokFest in Kassel, Germany. The film will play in the ‘In weiter Nähe so fern’ program on Thursday the 10th at 24:00.

For tickets and info go to:


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Book launch paq’batlh at the qepHom Saarbrücken

On Nov. 12, 2011, Uitgeverij will present the first integral edition of the Klingon epic “paq’balth” at the annual qepHom in Saarbrücken (www.qepHom.de). Translator and Klingon scholar Marc Okrand will be present for an autograph session.

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Publication of the paq’batlh: The Klingon Epic

We are proud to announce the publication of  the first ever translation of the paq’batlh here on earth by publisher uitgeverij.cc

The book will be available for online printing on demand now for only 15 euros!

A special launch event for the book will be held at the annual qepHom Klingon language meeting on Saturday the 12th on November.

paq’batlh: The Klingon Epic is the definitive edition of the grand Klingon epic of the Kahless the Unforgettable (qeylIS lIjlaHbogh pagh). The story of Kahless is a tale of legendary proportions comparable to those of our own ancient heroes Hercules, Ulysses and Gilgamesh. Betrayed by his brother and witness to his father’s brutal slaying, Kahless is pitted against his bitter enemy, the mighty tyrant Molor. To regain his honor he must travel into the Underworld, create the first bat’leth, and unite with his true love, Lady Lukara, to fight many epic battles. Through this awe-inspiring adventure Kahless redefines what its is to be truly Klingon.

Reconstructed from several sources, this bilingual Klingon/English edition provides a keen insight into the nature of Klingon culture and mythology, and features the first publication of Ancient Klingon (no’Hol) fragments. Meticulously translated by the world’s leading Klingon language expert, Marc Okrand, this classic epic is a must have for anyone interested in Klingon culture and language.

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